Frequently Asked Questions

What is Front & Center?

While some venues have selected their own names for their loyalty program that have been created on the LoyaltyMatch platform, many prefer to use the Front & Center name because of what it represents. It is recognized as a state-of-the-art loyalty program powered by LoyaltyMatch. With the variety of features and options that Front & Center offers it has become the gold standard for use by entertainment venues of all types.

Why is it called Front & Center?

Where is the best seat in the house? It’s usually front & center. A venue that offers a loyalty program powered by LoyaltyMatch is putting its program members front & center for the best rewards and special recognition through features such as InVenue app and the tiers and badges program.

How can I view the tiers and badges features?

Register to become a Front & Center member and you will have immediate access to everything available.

Is it possible to have a look at the Front & Center administration tools?

Yes, we would be happy to schedule a demo of the administration console and features that you would use to run your program.

Does this Front & Center demo site run on the same software as the one identified by “Amplify” Magazine as one of three things could change ticketing in 2015?

Yes it does and we are extremely proud, but now you are making us blush. So, let’s get back to talking about what a LoyaltyMatch-powered program can do for you and your members.

Does it cost anything for fans to join a rewards program powered by LoyaltyMatch?

It’s up to you if you want to charge, but you would be the first. Think about it, would you pay to join a loyalty program that wasn’t 100% free to join?

Do I have to be 18 to join?

Yes. There are legal reason too boring to go into here, but they do exist. Honest!

How does a loyalty program work?

C’mon. Really? OK, we’ll humor you on this one. It’s up to you how you structure your program, but the basics include receiving points for:

When do my members get their points?

It’s up to you. We provide points in real-time or, occasionally, they are provided at a later date. The loyalty program processes will decide this issue.

What happens if they forget their card? Can they still get credit for their visit?

Sure. They can use their virtual card. If they forgot that too there is still hope. You can designate an email that they can write to with a receipt or ticket stub as proof. If they don’t have those, well, they are what some people would call SOL.

What happens if their card is lost or stolen?

You can punish them in any manner you see fit for their irresponsible behavior, but you can also have them contact you for a new card and leave it at that.

Will I be able to communicate with my members after they register?

Yes. They will receive a welcome email and they can be will automatically signed up for newsletter that you distribute whenever you want to spread some joy about special offers and news.

Can they opt out of my program?

You are not allowed to hold them for ransom, so yes. They will be able to opt out whenever they choose.